Saturday, 11 April 2015

New additions: Turn Me On!

I managed to get the alternative cover print for the mockup issue of Official UK Dreamcast Magazine which was given to SEGA as a pitch to secure the official licence as I mentioned here, the content of both are the same.

They really did a great job on mocking up the magazine as the quality is amazing with silver ink printed throughout, from what I can gather there where only 50 of each printed.

Comparing them to the actual version that went to press there are a few differences, I may do a more in depth post covering these at some point.

Dream girls - Alternative unused cover
A closer look how the banner on the front of the magazine changed on the final version that went to press

On a side note, there was also a mini sample issue which you could pick up for free from stores such as Electronics Boutique and HMV, this issue was basically a cut down version of the retail issue 0 but printed in half the size with only a few pages.

From left to right, the demo pitch, the free sample issue and the final issue available for sale

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