Saturday, 12 December 2015

Pier Solar - Collectors Edition!

Just received the Collectors edition of Pier Solar for Dreamcast, very nicely done I must say!

This was available as a perk on the Pier Solar HD Kickstarter campaign which concluded on December 5, 2012, it was a long time coming but it was worth the wait!

I went with the PAL variation arriving wrapped in custom gold paper, following this high standard they used gold ink on the game cover, inlay and manual. They also authentically recreated the PAL Dreamcast cases too, the only telltale sign is a small embossed WM logo on the blue plastic.

The particular pledge level I went with also included the official guide book, bound in faux leather and embossed with the Pier Solar logo.

I have to say, WaterMelon do go to some extremes for an indie developer, it's all very professionally done.

It also comes with a faux leather bound guide too, also created to a very high standard!

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